Signing: CEA-Leti Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Sabonnadiere + National Research Institute Vice President Wu Guangzhong

Leti Day Taiwan! Taiwan-France marching forward!

Prospective microelectronics, communication technology exchange platform

Reporter Ni Yubin / Hsinchu City Report

Focusing on the international status of Hsinchu Science Park in semiconductor and ICT industries, supplemented by long-term friendly exchanges between Taiwan-based technology and industry, deepening the interaction with Taiwan’s high-tech industry, France CEA-Leti (equivalent to Taiwan Institute of Technology) Following the second Leti Tech Days in Japan, Leti Day Taiwan was held for the first time on October 19 (2018), and the first floor of the Hsinchu Science Park Association invited nearly 200 domestic high-tech industries and academics. Scholars and experts participated in the sharing of Leti’s research and development achievements in microelectronics, optoelectronics, and forward-looking communication technologies, and conducted technical exchanges and interactions. It is hoped that this event will stimulate new ideas and cooperation sparks. In addition, Leti also signed a cooperation agreement with the National Experimental Research Institute in this conference to promote bilateral technical exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and France.

Speech:Hsinchu Science Park Administration Bureau,Xu Zengru, deputy director

Founded in 1967, Leti was formerly the Electronic Engineering Technology R&D department of the French Atomic Energy Commission. It is the world’s leading application technology research and development organization, specializing in the development of microelectronics and nanotechnology. The research and application of technology covers energy, consumer electronics and smart cities. , defense, aerospace, communications, transportation and other industrial fields. And with the world’s leading companies such as: Intel, Qualcomm, Applied Materials and other companies to establish a cooperative relationship, is the world’s outstanding high-tech technology research and development unit.

At the first Leti Day Taiwan conference, CEA-Leti Chairman Emmanuel Sabonnadiere led more than 10 experts specializing in microelectronics technology to give special lectures and deep technical exchanges with Hsinchu Science Park high-tech manufacturers through forums. He also invited the Deputy Director of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration Bureau Xu Zengru and the Deputy Mayor of Hsinchu City Shen Huihong to attend the opening ceremony and a welcome speech. He hoped that through bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and France, he would create a win-win technology business opportunity and add new technology partners to Taiwan’s high-tech industry. Emmanuel Sabonnadiere also said that he is very pleased to establish a new bureau of high-tech industrial technology interaction between Taiwan and France. He hopes that through this bilateral cooperation, the technology developed will be applied to various industrial fields, making Taiwan-based industry-university research more technical. Competitive, create more business opportunities to enhance human well-being.

In addition to French scholars and experts, Leti also invited the leader of SEMI International Semiconductor Industry Association of Taiwan, Mr. Zeng Ruizhen, and Prof. Fang Weilun, who specializes in researching MEMS technology for more than 20 years, to address “International Semiconductor Industry Investment and Future Material Development Trends” and “Micro “Components, actuators, and sensor manufacturing technology” gave a special speech, sharing the global semiconductor industry development trend and domestic micro-electromechanical technology research and development results, showing Taiwan’s industrial technology strength. Overall, the event was a complete success, and the bilateral interaction was hot, opening a new milestone for the future-stage high-tech forward-looking industrial technology exchange.

CEA-Leti Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Sabonnadiere + Deputy Director Xu. In the middle is Dr. Yann Gallais, representative of CEA-Leti Asia